Level Ten Chen

I finally leveled my Chen to level 10. The past few weeks I've been playing equal amounts Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2. Playing both brewmasters back to back a bunch, I got a feeling for where Heroes needs improvement. I also remember why Heroes is a better game for 10 minutes a match!

Chen is largely immobile until level 7, when Brewmaster's balance gives some move speed. In Dota 2, I tend to go for boots early, and generally find them around the 5 minute mark (if I don't go greedy and buy them out of the gate). Either way, by 8 minutes in, in both games you get movement.

Brewmaster's next item, however, with enough CS tends to be a 11/12 minute blink dagger. A couple good ganks can usually get you there, and early boot help. Blink + clap initiation gives Brew a straight up initiation. Chen on the other hand doesn't get a equivalent lockdown until pressure point is unlocked at 16. As Chen's slow is pretty weak and his damage rather weak as well, his initiation is lackluster.

After playing a game with my new masters skin, I switched to Jaina. And WTF what a difference. Aside from slamming d like a drunken master, after a couple games I was going 30:0 vs bots and 25:1 vs humans.