Heroes of The Storm Beta Impressions

I've been playing HOTS since early technical alpha, and am impressed by how little some things have changed. I am also quite happy with some of the character balance and progression changes. While I have not yet gone back and compared my stats pre and post reset, I can speak subjectively about the feel.


Oh I love killing you very much with Brightwing. My stats with Brightwing match that as well. My favorite build for Brightwing is a total brawler who can sit in the middle of a team fight and out damage and out heal everyone else. Being able to stay in the thick of it and AOE like Jaina with health regen makes core pushing easy.


I played Thrall for 7 levels last holiday weekend, and Thrall's windfury build is as close to a true carry the game has. Thrall relies on autoattack damage scaling, and with abilities that multiply his autoattacks he becomes very hard to stop late game. Early game however, Thrall is easily kited and is prone to being killed if he dives. His pool of health is more dependent on regen from abilities and as such can't tank tower shots.


A walking siege cannon, if you aren't pushing a lane you're doing it wrong. I've seen too many people play Azmodan like he was a nuke or tank, but he's niether. He's a laner and probably the second best in the game.


Probably the best laner in the game, and only true split pusher, Zagara with a creep oriented build plays like the Swarm. The more I play Zagara as a creep oriented split pusher, with tons of vision, and great mobility, the more I favor Nydus networks over crowd control. Keeping your lanes pushed often saves your team from wipes more than anything as minions slow pursuit when things go bad. And Zagara has mobility enough to join any fight.


I've only played a few games with Abathur post reset, but he is definitely more viable now. Abathur can hold a lane by himself, and still assist a gank. The advanced talents make it possible for him to siege a lane while assisting a push, but not quite to Zagara's level. Still Ab can usually hold an objective safely freeing the team to counter push. Late game Abathur can assist on an epic scale, but it requires teammates who understand how to play w/ Abathur.

Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings are fun. Sort of like Meepo for HOTS, but shallower learning curve, being able to play multiple bodies at once makes certain push/gank scenarios easy. The most interesting aspect is the total lack of mana management. The Vikings are pure cool down management based. The advanced skills open up some fun positioning plays, but because each unit fills a distinct role (tank, dps, ranged) the general positioning play is unique.