Hearthstone Decks and Strategy

So I've been playing Hearthstone every night or two to keep the Quest Log clear, and see if it is possible to win without spending money in the game. The game of Hearthstone has been to see how long I have to play before I just can't win anymore. When I reached 100 games, my win percentage was 56%, and has climbed as high as 66%, but increasingly I'm finding my win/loss streaks are dependent on the matching algorithm they're using. My decks are all designed to either win in 9 turns, or to gg, and so I'm purely playing for wins per unit time. Since my goal is to collect as many decks as quickly as possible, I need to grind out 100 gold every two days. Since I actually have a life outside of gaming, I can't afford for a game to last longer than 10 minutes. I try to limit play to an hour a day (6 matches).

Deck of Secrets

My first deck is my mage deck, which is rather fun to play. It is my most developed deck, as I disenchanted my first 6 or so packs to build it. The deck is a Secrets based deck, and plays a number of cards most people aren't used to. It has two play styles, a simple spell power deck which just slams the opponent with direct damage spells, and a second which uses Secrets to boost three cards that gain +1/+1. In spell power play, 2x Ogre Magi + 2x Dalaran Mages give +1 to spell power, which means fireballs could do up to 10 damage each. The 2x sorcerer's Apprentice and a Mana Addict make it easy to deal early damage by getting more spells out in early rounds. A Violet Teacher allows for adding lots of cannon fodder each round as the spells fire. If the draw favors Secret based plays, the deck contains 5 or 6 secrets (depending on how I feel that day). The 2x Kirin Tor Mages allow me to play a secret for free, and often I try to play one that won't be easily triggered in turn 3/4. The 2x Ethereal Arcanists and Questing Adventurer are then the primary damage dealers, as the Archanists gain +1/+1 each round per secret. I can often stack +3/+3 on the Arcanists each round, and then have Ice Barrier up twice for an additional +16 HP. A good deal of AOE damage is usually enough to keep the enemy minion count down small enough so that Mirror Image provides enough taunt.

Flesheater Deck

Now I play a weird sort of priest deck, the ideal here is to health boost a pair of Flesheating Ghouls, a pair of Gurubashi Berserkers, and a Questing Adventurer so that the bonus attack snowballs out of control. A Young Priestess and a pair of Master Swordsmiths also add additional +0/1 and +1/0 respectively to accelerate it, and a pair of Shattered Sun Clerics add their +1/+1. There's some taunt to keep theses alive midgame, and an Auchenai Soulpriest to turn my heal into a 2 point kill, should I need to feed the Ghouls. This deck is currently my winningest deck, and only has trouble with better equipped priest decks. It devours Hunters too which makes it fun. Nothing like a Ghoul gaining +7 damage because he Unleashed the Hounds the turn before and you Holy Nova'd them to death. The Violet Teacher allows you to add additional fodder for the Ghouls by Mind Blasting, Shadow Wording, and generally buffing your minions.

Fury Overload

Recently I've begun working on a Shaman deck that is based upon the idea of loading up on windfury, and then using Overload to boost an Unbound Elemental. The windfury comes from 2x Dust Devils, 2x Raging Worgens, and 2x Windspeakers, and 2x Windfury. The Windspeakers and Windfury are then used to bonus up 2x Flesheating Ghouls, a Questing Adventurer, or 2x Fire Elementals. A bunch of 0 and 1 cost cards allow for quickly +1/+1ing the Questing Adventurer, so if he can live long enough to get a hit off I've been able to get him to +10/10 in a single turn, and slam the opponent for 20 damage due to windfury. This deck dies to any player who throws down a ton of minions early as it lacks any ability to clear. That said it usually wins by turn 8 or I quit.

Spells Doom

For the Warlock deck, I've reset my expectations after disenchanting a pretty decent early deck. The cards I'm playing now are pretty newbie friendly, and seems to work better than it should. The idea behind the Spel ls Doom deck is that I'm not playing a Warlock deck without daemons. There are in fact 2x Dread Infernals in the deck, and these do 1 damage to all creatures on their Battlecry, and provide some late game damage and low level clear. I also use them to get some cards out of the Acolyte of Pain who I use for card draw in nearly all the decks as he does some damage and usually fetches 2 cards. Unlike my other decks, this deck is heavy on taunt. The goal of this deck is to lay down a nice thick screen of taunt, and then roll out the 2x Flesheating Ghouls and Questing Adventurer. And use the steady stream of minions clashing against the shield wall to feed the Ghouls. Hellfire is there for an emergency clear, but the rest of the spells are used for removal. Probably my favorite trick is when playing against a Warlock using Sacrificial Pact on one of his daemons. Spectacularly good fun, health for me no daemon for him.