The End of Economics

We as a species have a number of basic factors working against us right now:

So now we have sexually hypercharged individuals to link their ability to amass wealth to their likelihood of successful reproduction, with a basic societal impulse to either fuck or kill anything that prevents them from acquiring more.

Enter the Sociopath

Sociopathic behavior is one of those things that tends to die out in a resource starved environment. You are too dependent on the group for basic survival for the group to tolerate it. Shunning is a strategy for minimizing the disruption of the labor pool while punishing a minor transgression. It fails once you are in a resource rich environment where the individual can reasonably acquire adequate food and shelter.

Welcome to the modern world.

Sociopaths do well in the modern world because we don't have a resource shortage. We literally have too much production capacity chasing too few basic needs. Most Americans don't need 60% of the crap they spend their income on, and even the necessities are inflated. (sociopaths love the margins on these things, supply exceeds demand and we still pay more). Sociopaths in government prop up this entire system to ensure their campaign contributions keep rolling in.

And we due to having enough to eat and a roof over our heads, we let it be.

Those of us who are useful idiots stay gainfully employed.

Waiting for the day when it all falls down.

But since the entire current system is based on inequality, we are unlikely to see it replace itself with something more equitable.

Unless we find a way to become resource scarce again.