Loosely Coupled

Every time I see a new web framework come out, I hope the creator has produced something like what I've been using. Rather than build a static page of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I hope that each new one will adopt a model of loosely coupled components that are self contained and communicate via messaging. Statistically speaking the number of other efforts in this area amount to little more than noise. I'm hoping as a few other developers start adopting my base framework this will change.

There is a really interesting application of this model I would like to explore, where in one reproduces the functionality of X11 in a web browser. While not necessarily implementing the X protocol, one could easily build a Canvas widget that provides the entire Canvas 2d and 3d context APIs over a websocket. It is pretty trivial to implement on my current stack, and makes it possible for:

To do this on my current component framework would take about 32 lines of JavaScript.

Maybe I'll build it today.