Strange Homecoming

So I'm back in the City after 8 years. I've been visiting my old haunts, often pleasantly surprised at how many survived. I'm writing this at the Half King which was my usual after an evening of kayaking. Last night I hit Cafe el Portal with a friend who came to our wedding in Venice. We ended up at cafe Reggio, because some things never change. Before that I tried running to Paragorn before they closed, but they were out of my size. Luckily Patagonia in Soho rescued my wardrobe malfunctions again. The more things change.

My new position as VIce President of Advanced Products is another one of those SSDC situations. Building the same sort of POCs, but this time for a company with a massive growth rate and in the black. I am building the same things I've spent the past 8 years building. The more things change.

The past two days I've been digging into a number of web frameworks for NodeJS. I've already collected a half dozen patches I need to contribute back to fix issues ranging from race conditions, to invalid access, to simple documentation fixes. It feels good to dig my teeth into new technologies and be able, and encouraged to give back. My position also officially lists contributing to Open Source as a job requirement. The proliferation of openness and transparency that has hit out industry over the past 5ish years is starting to bear fruit. The technical knowhow to build scalable infrastructure is going mainstream. Best practices are starting to become commin place in places people had ne'er heard of them just a few years ago.

Thinking about the way things go these days, I am pretty happy with how things keep playing out. I like steady constant and unremitting change. I can't bear stagnation and the slow death of normalcy. And at the same time, I'm a creature of habit who creates routines, becomes a regular and settles in. Maybe it's my inner Norm and Clavin, but in the whirlwind there is a special calm at it's center.

Strange homecomings each and all.