Using CouchDB as a Wiki Based Blog

So I am writing up this post on an iPad, in a new text editor built specifically for writing this blog. It is using a modified wiki syntax in order to generate the page content because I have become rather lazy with my markup. I have also moved my blog from Blogger to a CouchDB application in order to maintain a bit more control over my data and it's presentation. I am also working on building out a suite of alternative tools for building couchapps that don't depend on jquery. One of my main goals for the coming weeks is to describe the process of creating this blog, and the tools used in porting over all of a the old content.

For a while now, I have been toying around with the idea of putting together more screen casts to demonstrate how a lot of my software is built. I am going to start shooting some more videos and add them to the video section of the blog. I am also still working through the tagging, comment moderation, and mobile theme for the new blog. Once the homepage is finalized in its behavior, I am going to do a series of video posts.

Finally, one of my many game projects is getting off the ground and will soon announce dates. The base tech behind this site revision will also power that project's web presence, and act as a backing store for user data. The big advantage of CouchDB right now over other pieces of infrastructure is how wonderfully self-contained the environment becomes. Having dirt simple replication is also a pure win. Not having to switch languages, and still having access to Erlang is just icing on a very sweet cake,