Strange Inversions

So I have made some progress on the design of a new micro which now has a barely functional Verilog definition. The neat bit that has been working very well is the simulator can now run the compiler that can compile itself. I am hoping to have a basic editor working soon in the environment itself, but this has sparked a desire to revisit Phos which I have been using a lot to prototype new things.

On another front, I have a basic web app framework running in Self and have been playing around with adding kqueue64 glue so that the VM can make use of it and mmap to provide nginx level performance at the socket layer. Having used varnish rather extensively, and done some very interesting things with VCL, I am confident that Self can be made to scale brilliantly.

I hope to have 2 papers to present this year on the work I have been doing at work, and possibly another on the programming model for newscript, especially since it offers an OO world view that is much lower level than erlang parallel processing, but addresses the issues of how to make use of millions of cores.

If this next year pane out, I think the ASIC I've been working on could easily scale to 4million cores on $200 (in quantity) of chips, each core producing about 500mips.