Phos: Moving Things Forward

Too many projects, too little time.

Phos: Moving Things Forwards

So I have a few small additions in the pipe for Phos. I've been adding Chrome support since it seems to mostly work out of the box now. There's still a few glitches and I have to enforce the fact that BACKSPACE MEANS BACKSPACE! But other than that it seems to work fine. Pushed a small change that scales the dx,dy on the scroll event and sets up a ratio of 1/40th for Chrome so that the scroll is not overly sensitive.

I have been playing around with Self a lot in my minimal spare time, and have to admit that my Phos environment is just another attempt at making Javascript live up to Self of ca. 1994. That being said, I'm still working on getting the Phos Transporter to properly pickle arbitrary objects and share them between web browsers.

I have resurrected a piece of software I wrote ~6 years ago that worked as a distributed IM / Bot / Object Store, and have been using it to build some new games. The game front ends are all scripted in Javascript, and will likely benefit greatly from the adhoc.js methodology. Websockets + the E.C.O. System make for easy distributed bot building.