Norman Bates once said,

"A boy's best friend is his mother"

or there is always the Buddha’s corollary

“A man’s best friend is his wife”. (bhariya ti parama sakha)

Both are true.

Joan was a good friend.

As many of you know, we drove cross country twice, both routes 80 and 40.

We laughed at the Nebraskan corn.

We poked fun at the PUNK Momon kids in their neatly pressed jeans.

We drove at 140 miles per hour across the salt flats.

We almost drove off a cliff into Lake Tahoe.

We had fun.

In San Francisco, we had dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf.

On our way home, we drove through the painted desert.

We played U2’s In God’s Country underneath the Arizona stars.

We climbed a mesa at el Morro.

We saw the world’s largest cross and the world’s largest McDonalds.

We lived large.

And twice we went to Europe; once to St. Andrews, and once to Venice.

In St. Andrews, we drank Irn-Bru and ate day-old jelly donuts.

Watched Harry Potter in the New Picture House built in 1930.

At my graduation we sang:
Gaudeamus igitur (we rejoice therefore)
Juvenes dum sumus (while we are young)
Post jucundum juventutem (after joyous youth)
Post molestam senectutem (after troubled old age)
Nos habebit humus. (the earth will have us)

She knew all the words.

Ubi sunt qui ante nos (where are those who before us)
In mundo fuere? (in the world went)
Vadite ad superos (look to heaven)
Transite in inferos (or go to hell)
Hos si vis videre. (if you wish to see them)

She knew what they meant.

Vita nostra brevis est (our life is brief)
Brevi finietur. (shortly it will end)
Venit mors velociter (death comes quickly)
Rapit nos atrociter (takes us atrociously)
Nemini parcetur. (no one is spared)

When Tara and I got married, she came with us to Venice.

We met at the Rio Alto.

We toured the Grand Canal.

We paraded about the Piazzo San Marco like we owned the place.

We lived well.

I could go on.

We lived a life of adventure.

She lived well.

And as long as we draw breath,

She will live.

In the honor of Joan C. Goehrig, 5/6/1950 - 7/27/2009.