Phosphor - Videos & Drag n' Drop

Phosphor Development Environment Videos

I've uploaded some new Phosphor videos that describe how to use the new interface and build some little sample applications. This is the direction that the NewScript environment is also moving towards. The concept is direct manipulation of objects, with the lines between object views and object internals blurring into a singular concept. This current code works under Safari4 only due to its superior HTML5 support. Firefox has broken canvas support and does silly things, and doesn't support 2 direction scrolling. Opera does some weird things too. As for IE, is that even a web browser? Google's Chrome (another Webkit based browser) may eventually be supported.

Introduction to Phosphor

In which basic operating ideas are introduced.

Tutorial 1

In which we demonstrate how to manipulate objects

Tutorial 2

In which we build a small movie player, and laugh at a monkey

Tutorial 3

In which we kick a soccer ball around the screen.